About Me

My name is Caetano Temporão, and I am 15 years old.  I was born in Curitiba, Brazil and am a student at The American School of Belo Horizonte. I am extremely passionate about the practice of physical activities and sports, especially Judo, in which I'm an athlete of one of the most important clubs of the Brazilian southeast region, Minas Tenis Clube. The love that I have for this sport and everything that it represents in my life has driven me to choose the topic of my personal project - The Impact of Physical Exercises / Sports on the Human Brain. Throughout my years as an athlete of judo, I have noticed that I felt better after practicing the sport, either physically and emotionally, and that this was connected to feeling more focused on my school activities compared to before I began my practice of Judo. This made me question about the most important effects of sports and physical activities, whether they are merely physical, or whether they have extended impacts. Through this project, I was able to conclude that physical activities/sports are not only important for one's physical health, but that they are much more than that.  They are the cure and prevention for almost every mental disease, the key for improving focus and cognitive functioning, and so much more.