Impact of Physical exercise on the human brain

By Caetano Temporão



My name is Caetano Temporão, and I am 16 years old.  I was born in Curitiba, Brazil, and am a student at The American School of Belo Horizonte. I am extremely passionate about the practice of physical activities and sports, especially Judo, in which I'm an athlete of one of the most important clubs of the Brazilian southeast region, Minas Tenis Clube. 

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The human brain is not characterized as a muscle because of the predominance of white and gray matter in its composition. But even though it is not made completely of muscles, it needs to be exercised constantly; otherwise, it will lose its mass, reducing its capacity. 



Since childhood, most children have heard from their parents that sports and physical exercise are extremely important for them because they make their bodies healthy and become more susceptible to practicing sports when older. Although this is accurate, the practice of physical exercise is much more than just about one's physical health, it is an essential factor for a person to have a positive well being and good emotional health, and it is also responsible for treating depression and anxiety, amongst other mental disorders. 



From this point on, this site's viewer should have already understood the importance of exercise for the brain and mental health since it has great contributions for brain development and growth, well being, and for treating and preventing mental disorders while keeping the body healthy. However, these are not the only benefits on the list of the incredible impacts that exercise has on the brain. One of the most exceptional effects that exercise has is its capacity for increasing brain productivity in almost any type of work. 



Social skills are skills humans use to interact with other individuals, both verbally and also non-verbally. These skills are extremely important for human interaction, having a major role on building strong relationships, communicating well, having greater efficiency, building a successful career and also increasing happiness. Although every person knows how to socially interact with one another to some degree, some people don't have the same skills as others, showing themselves as shy, lacking confidence, or afraid of someone else's judgment.



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